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Happy Independence Day

Today we celebrate our nation, the generations that have come before us, our nation's great accomplishments, and the freedom we must strengthen for the generations that follow. To all of you -- from the Paragon family -- Have a Safe and Happy Independence Day!  #paragon #4thofJuly #independenceday

Welding Services

We take pride in our quality workmanship at Paragon, and our welding services are no exception! We provide welding services for all types and sizes of fabrication projects. Give us a call to learn more. #paragon #welding #fabrication

Amada Technology

We run our operation of Amada technology because we understand that quality, savings and delivery are all important to you.  #Amada #paragon #sheetmetal #sheetmetal forming  

Press Brake Processing

Our press brake processing provides you with accurate and consistent bends every time! Ask us about our world-class VPSS3i bend software. It allows us to quickly calculate unfold data accurately. Give us a call for more information. #paragon #pressbrake #amada #sheetmetalforming

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