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Effective marketing is all about bringing value to others by listening to their greatest needs first



[ ed-uh-fahy ] verb
To inform, improve, uplift

Marketing [ märkədiNG ] verb

The process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service with special attention on the exchange of value which meets the needs of a customer relationship.

Edify Others [ ed-uh-fahy ˈəT͟Hər ] verb
To build relationships that assist small to mid-size businesses in promoting and selling products or services to benefit their growth.


Why the definitions? 

Because there’s a lot of confusion around marketing. What’s my audience? How can I reach them? How can I cut through the clutter of my competitors? There are also many marketing agencies out there adding to the confusion. They claim to be the magic bullet that will instantly skyrocket sales, gain countless leads, or result in through-the-roof increases.

At Edify, we believe – at its core – marketing comes down to building relationships. The rest is us learning more about our customers and prospects, finding relevant channels to engage them, and enhancing our ability to communicate clearly and effectively with them. This includes the relationships with buyers of your products or services, and our relationship with you.

To help you with your business’s marketing strategy, we need to get to know you.

We need to build a relationship with you so that we know your business (almost) as well as you do. Only then can we effectively initiate the research and strategy, write engaging content, develop creative designs, and finally execute them through the appropriate promotional channels so your business can reach new customers and enhance the relationships you already have with existing ones.

Why we do what we do?

We’ll be the first to admit our approach is as unusual as our founder: Aerospace mechanical designer turned marketing guru with a touch of operations. He is a blend of both technical and creative waging war against one another yet finding solace through Marketing strategy and campaigns.

But more than that makes Edify unusual. It’s our philosophy about our clients.


We believe that at the core of a truly successful business is an asset one more important asset than all the others: People 

People are the heart and driving force behind all successful business, which helps employees provide for their families. It serves the need of its customers. And it helps build strong community. As we build these relationships, value is increased for all stakeholders.


But there are four other aspects of a successful business: processes, products, promotion, and profit.

Poor operations can be as detrimental to a business as poor marketing. That’s when Tray and his team switches to their Operations hats to help streamline, modify or even eliminate processes, all with a systematic eye on how their customers can positively impact the value for their people. And when the people align, the processes are in place, and the promotion marketing machine is running, our client businesses can’t help but generates profits.

Discover how Edify can help your business!

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Tray Cass began his career in aviation as a structural designer for the Boeing Company in 1997. After being displaced following the events of 9/11, Tray went back to school to complete his bachelors degree in marketing. Finding great love for his newfound career path, Tray went on to serve with a small marketing agency (that served several small clients), a local Caterpillar dealership in the heavy equipment industry, the renewable fuels industry, higher education and the plastics industry. Along the way, Tray's love for small business afforded him the ability to serve his friends who where local business owners. 

Following the impacts of COVID-19 and the elimination of his position in Operations, Tray made a move towards something he’s always wanted to do. In early 2022, he launched Edify LLC with the heart and mission to bring his more than 17 years of experience in marketing to help small and mid-sized businesses.

Tray has degrees in Business, Marketing, Christian Ministry, and in 2017 completed his MBA in Marketing from Baker University in Kansas.  He has also been an Instructor at Central Christian College of Kansas in McPherson, KS teaching Adobe products, including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and overseeing Marketing student interns.  

Tray has been married to his beautiful wife, Jessica, for more than 20 years and is a proud father of five children, two girls and three boys, ages 19 to nine. 

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